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Tomato and Basil Bruschetta

Makes 4 servings of 1/4 cup each: Weight Watchers Points+ 1 (3 points for entire recipe) Calories 49.6 ~ Fat 3.7 g ~ Carbs 4.4 g ~ Fiber 0.9 g ~ Protein 0.7 g

Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, Garlic and seasonings make this a topper that is great for chicken, pasta, toasty bread, salad, baked potato or inside of a sandwich. You can chop it up in no time. I like that I can control the quality of the ingredients. Skip the store made stuff and try to make it yourself.

¬† This tasty mixture gives my food some life….try it out ūüôā Read More…

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Orzo Salad with Summer Vegetables

An elegant looking pasta salad that you can whip up in no-time. ¬†This pasta salad is super Quick and Easy…..A light & Healthy family-friendly meal perfect for lunch or ¬†a side dish. ¬†Although Orzo is a pasta it is never heavy, my family loves this light little pasta salad. ¬†This dish can be served at room temperature or can be eaten cold, making it ¬†perfect for all those Summer BBQ’s. ¬†The perfect way to use all those extra veggies that we have laying around. ¬†Substitute any veggies that you have. ¬†ENJOY!!¬† Read More…

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Caprese Style Arugula Salad

Nothing says summer like a nice refreshing salad. ¬†If you have not tried Arugula yet, its about time you do. ¬†The peppery Arugula with sweet tomatoes & basil meet the creamy mozzarella & vibrant red vinegar dressing with a crunch of walnuts at the end…..YUM!

HELLO SUMMER!! ¬† Read More…

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Asian Cole Slaw with Peanut Cilantro Dressing

Craving something fresh & crunchy with an Asian flare? ¬†Try out this Salad, ¬†It will soon become a “go to” while eating an Asian meal. ¬†Its so pretty and delicious that you can even make it while entertaining. ¬†The best part… is healthy, low calories & low in points. ¬† Have it for dinner and lunch the next day. ¬†However, to make this salad you will need my Peanut Cilantro Dressing recipe! ¬† Read More…

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