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Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken


Makes 8 servings. Nutrition per serving: Weight Watchers Points + 6 ~ Calories 247.9 ~ Fat 8.2 g ~ Carbs 11.5 g ~ Fiber 1.3 g ~ Protein 30.4 g

Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken….The name says it all!  If you are a fan of Jalapeno poppers then you are going to  love this dish.   This was a quick & easy dish and its GUILT-FREE!!  By Baking instead of frying and by using quality ingredients, I  was able to change this well-known fattening appetizer into a healthy main dish.  What a great way to spice up a piece of chicken.   Try it out for yourself 🙂

Kid Tip:  My 4 year old loved this chicken; I left out the jalapeno’s for him. Read More…

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Macaroni and Cheese with Truffle Oil















Who doesn’t love a creamy and decadent mac & cheese? Now, I warn you that this is not a skinny recipe!! However; we are all allowed to cheat around the holiday’s…right? So, I give you my special steakhouse style mac & cheese recipe that is full of flavor for everyone to love!! I know that it looks like a lot of ingredients; but I promise you that this dish is worth it! 5 different types of creamy cheeses and the truffle oil makes it decadent and delicious! Beware that once you make it… will have to make it over and over again!! Enjoy 🙂               Read More…

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Baked Spicy Sriracha Wings

Nutrition per serving. 2 wings per serving. ~ Weight Watchers Points + 5 ~ Calories 224.4 ~ Fat 7.3 g ~ Carbs 3.4 g ~ Fiber 0.2 g ~ Protein 34.0 g

These Asian style wings are made with Sriracha……need I say more?!  For those of you that don’t know about the famous “rooster sauce”, it is a spicy & tangy hot sauce from Thailand.   Next time you are in the mood for some buffalo wings, try these Sriracha wings instead!!  Enjoy 🙂

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Chicken Soulvaki Pita

Nutrition per Pita Pocket: Weight Watchers Points + 6 ~ Calories 228.1 ~ Fat 2.0 g ~ Carbs 26.4 g ~ Fiber 6.2 g ~ Protein 29.2 g

A Summer Staple that is quick, easy, light, refreshing and very Healthy!  This course consists of Chicken Soulvaki garnished with vegetables of your choice.  I like using sliced cucumber,  tomatoes, red onions, red pepper, green pepper and mixed lettuces topped off with  tzatziki sauce stuffed in a lightly baked pita. If you have leftover veggies, serve it as a small side salad.    For my 1 point Tzatziki sauce recipe click here.   Cut up a lemon and squeeze on top for a refreshing lemony taste.   Leftovers are great for lunch the next day.  If you are prepping this in advance:  Cook the chicken and store in the fridge, cut up the veggies in advance and store in a large ziplock bag with a paper towel in it to absorb any excess water.  The day that you want to serve microwave the chicken and pop the pita in the toaster oven.  You may want to double to Tzatziki sauce if your family likes to dip their veggies in it like mine do. My 3 year old son loves the Tzatziki sauce…if only I can get him to pronounce it correctly 🙂  Read More…

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Spinach and Artichoke Stuffed Shells

Makes 25 Stuffed Shells; Nutrition for 1 Shell : Weight Watchers Points + 2 ~ Calories 87.8 ~ Total Fat 2.4 g ~ Carbs 12.0 g ~ Fiber 1.5 g ~ Protein5.3 g

Dear Vegetarians…..This one is for all of you whom requested more recipes 🙂

Have you ever bit into a chip dipped into an ooey gooey Spinach & Artichoke dip?  Well, imagine eating that dip stuffed inside a jumbo pasta shell covered with a chunky tomato sauce…………YUP!  That is what inspired me to make these 🙂    This recipe does not take long to come together and I always freeze 1/2 for those days where my son asks for stuffed shells.   Low points, Low fat, Low carbs & high protein………and delicious!   I hope your family enjoys these as much as mine.  You can serve with a salad or veggies for a complete low point meal. **Meat lovers- brown some sausage, beef or turkey & add to the sauce!    ENJOY!

If you want to use homemade marinara sauce <—-click for recipe

Read More…

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Thai Sticky Meatballs

These Thai Sticky Meatballs are so good that you will want to make them over and over again.  It has a perfect balance of flavors including: sweet, savory & a spicy kick.  I always know when I make an outstanding dish and “score points” with the hubby because he will say:  “is this healthy”  He is implying that it is too tasty to be healthy:-)   You can still pack a flavorful punch with 93% lean beef.    To round out this meal for a complete dinner or lunch,  try it with my Asian Cole Slaw with Peanut Cilantro Dressing.  <–CLICK FOR LINK Read More…

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No-noodle Veggie Lasagna

Nutrition: 8 Servings. Weight Watcher Points + 6 ~ Calories 328.3 ~ Fat 15.9 g ~ Carbs 22.5 g ~ Fiber 5.6 g ~ Protein 26.7 g

I saw Hungry Girl Make this on one of her shows and I really wanted to try it!  What a great way to have all the flavors of the lasagna without the starchy carbs.  Not to mention you get a HUGE portion for only 6+ points!  Super nutritious with a mixture of veggies without the starchy noodles.  You will NOT miss the noodles!


For my 3 year old son, I chopped up the veggies & put it over some pasta. Of course,he ate his entire plate 🙂     Enjoy!!

**If you are a vegetarian……Substitute the sausage for soy crumbles.

FYI…when I put this recipe in the WW recipe maker, I did not add the veggies because they are technically “0 points”

Read More…

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Crock Pot Chipotle Pulled Pork

Serving size of 1/2 cup. Nutrition: Weight Watcher Points + 3 ~ Calories 154.1 ~ Fat 4.2 g ~ Carbs 16.9 g ~ Fiber 1.6 g ~ Protein 11.7 g

Chipotle Pulled Pork is tender & very flavorful.  This crock pot dish has a lot of hidden nutrients from sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are extremely nutritious  and hiding them in food is a great way for everyone to get additional  beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin C; fiber, thiamine, niacin, potassium, copper,  protein, calcium, and vitamin E.   So EAT UP……Did I mention that this is a NO FUSS CROCK POT DISH?  Oh, and the leftovers freeze great!! 😀

You can serve Chipotle pulled pork over rice, make little sliders ,  make a fancy burrito bowl and don’t forget… tacos/burritos & enchiladas……….ENJOY!! Read More…

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Crock Pot Baby Back Ribs

Finger Licking Good and falling off the bone!!    These low maintenance crock pot baby back ribs are flavorful & saucy.  Definitely not a “skinny” option…..but  a comforting dinner when you need it.    Portion control is the key & don’t forget to serve with lots of veggies 🙂 ENJOY!! Read More…

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Shrimp and Mango Tacos

8 Servings of 1/4 cup of shrimp filing. Weight Watchers Points + 2 ~ Calories 82.3 ~ Fat 1.2 g ~ Carbs 11.2 g ~ Fiber 2.0 g ~ Protein 7.6 g *** Entire TACO 5 points!

Shrimp & Mango Tacos were inspired by my hubby.  I needed some inspiration to be creative with dinner and while texting my husband back & forth, I asked him to give me inspiration.  He said “make something with mangos and jalapenos”  So, this is what I came up with &  it was delish!  Mexican Food is really yummy but making it “figure friendly” is always a challenge.  The nutrition below is for the Shrimp & Mango mixture only.    I ONLY use La Tortilla factory low carb/high fiber tortillas since they are WW 1 pp+ .  I do realize that they are difficult to find….so this is why I only calculated the shrimp mixture.  My entire taco was 5 points, and I only ate one because it was so filling.  The leftovers tasted even better because all the flavors married together.  We had the leftovers about 3 days later and I added rainbow salad mixture to my taco for a little crunch.  Try out my easy homemade guacamole recipe to top off your taco!  ENJOY! Read More…

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