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Orzo Salad with Summer Vegetables

An elegant looking pasta salad that you can whip up in no-time.  This pasta salad is super Quick and Easy…..A light & Healthy family-friendly meal perfect for lunch or  a side dish.  Although Orzo is a pasta it is never heavy, my family loves this light little pasta salad.  This dish can be served at room temperature or can be eaten cold, making it  perfect for all those Summer BBQ’s.  The perfect way to use all those extra veggies that we have laying around.  Substitute any veggies that you have.  ENJOY!!  Read More…

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Rajma (Indian Style Red Beans)

Makes approximately 5 servings of 1 cup each. Nutrition for 1 cup of Rajma: Weight Watchers Points + 2 ~ Calories 103 ~ Fat .2g~ Carbs 35 g ~ Fiber 20 g ~ Protein 11 g

Rajma is my 3 year old’s favorite food.  Whenever I ask him what he wants for lunch or dinner….he always replies “beans and rice; the red ones”  So, needless to say that this is probably the single most cooked food in my house.  It is my go-to food when my son feels like being picky.  It is not his fault that he loves this dish; I think all children of North Indian descent grow up very fond of Rajma.  I know that I used to (and still do) ask my mom to make it as well.  It a a healthy comfort food that I hope you will enjoy as much as we do.  This low point, low fat, high fiber dish is a staple in our house.  Serve it up with some basmati rice & raita  for a low point  lunch or dinner.








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Garden Tuna Salad

Weight Watchers points + 2 ~ Calories 75 ~ Fat 2.6 g ~ Carbs 3.9 g ~ Fiber 1.3 g ~ protein 10 g

Tuna Salad is so healthy & versatile, you can eat as a sandwich, or a wrap.  How about  on top of a big healthy salad; or crackers.  My low point alternative is to fill inside of  celery sticks, endive or make  fresh lettuce/spinach cups for a delicious lunch to go!  Sprinkle a little Italian seasoning and cracked fresh black pepper on top for increased flavor.   Make it on a Sunday and enjoy at work for the next few days. Read More…

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