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Creamy Red Jalapeño Dressing


Are you looking for a delicious dressing for your taco salad or do you want a spicy dipping sauce to eat with your fresh veggies? Well, you can stop looking! This spicy chipotle lime and cilantro dressing/dip will entice your tast buds. Not only is is spicy & tangy but it has that creaminess that goes great with any type of Mexican style cooking. So, use this dressing/dip for your salad, tacos, nachos, empanadas, taquitos, burritos, veggie strips and even fries 🙂 ENJOY!!
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Spinach, Tomatoes & Goat Cheese Breakfast Pie


Makes 8 servings. Nutrition Facts: per slice. Weight Watchers Points +4 ~ Calories 139.9 ~Fat 6.9 g ~ Carbs 9.8 g ~ Fiber 1.4 g ~ Protein 9 g

I try to make a breakfast pie or Quiche on Sundays, this way I have a grab & go healthy breakfast waiting for me to take to work on Monday.  This breakfast pie is a healthier Quiche since I use hash brown potatoes as a crust.  I picked up that idea up from a cousin that is a registered dietician…you can check out her site HERE.   This 140 calorie & low points breakfast is an easy go to while doing weight watchers or if you are trying to get your waistline ready for the summer.   Enjoy!!  Read More…

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