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Skinny Eggplant Parmesan


Nutrition Facts: 1 eggplant stack: Weight Watchers Points + 5 ~ Calories 202.5 ~ Fat 4.6 g ~ Carbs 33.1 g ~ Fiber 6.5 g ~ Protein 10.4 g

 I love ordering Eggplant Parm when we go out for an Italian meal.  However, as we know it is not the healthiest option.  My son and I occasionally go out to Olive Garden for lunch and their Eggplant Parm Lunch portion is 16 points!! whomp whomp ….and all this time I thought it was a healthier option.  Weight Watchers made me realize otherwise.  So, now I just make my own eggplant parm at home and I don’t have to feel guilty.  I used panko for a crispier texture; but feel free to use regular breadcrumbs.  Next time I may add a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the panko just to get it a little crispier.  I enjoy my eggplant parm with a side of angel hair pasta. If you are not in the mood for pasta, try it in a crusty loaf of bread or a side of salad for a super low point meal.  ENJOY!! Read More…

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