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Butter Chicken aka Murgh Makhani

Happy Tuesday!   Valentine’s Day is only a week away.   This year make something elegant and special for you and/or your significant other such as this Butter Chicken recipe.  It looks & tastes fancy but is really easy to put together.

Makes 6 servings of 3/4 cups each serving. Nutrition per serving: Weight Watcher Points + 5 ~ Calories 203 ~ Fat 6.2 g ~ Carbs 9.1 g ~ Fiber 1.0 g ~ Protein 29 g

My mother is known for her butter chicken and NO ONE can make it like she does…Not even ME 🙁   As many times as I watched her make it and helped her make it….I can never get it the same as hers.  However,  mine does come pretty close.   This dish is for all of you that love Indian food.  I bet your “go to” dish at an Indian restaurant is Chicken Tikka Masala; right?  Well, this is a “skinny” version of the famous dish.  Why is this dish called butter chicken instead of chicken tikka masala?  Well, that is because in chicken tikka masala you pre-bake the tandoori chicken tikka (boneless pieces) prior to adding them to your sauce.  So, this is an easy and low-fat way to satisfy your craving for this world renowned dish.  Trust me; you will not miss all the heavy cream & butter that is usually put into this dish.

Serve with steamed basmati rice, naan, roti or papad.  I enjoy eating it with steamed rice and crunchy papad.

Leftovers taste even better the next day 🙂

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SUPERBOWL Special!! Chicken Enchilada Jalapeno Popper

Makes 18 Jalapeno Poppers. Nutrition for 1 Jalapeno Popper: Weight Watchers Points + 2 ~ Calories 99.7 ~ Fat 3.0 g ~ Carbs 13.4 g ~ Fiber 1.3 g ~ Protein 4.9 g


NO need to use your “cheat points” with this recipe 🙂

I’ve given Jalapeno Poppers a “make-over” by baking them and using healthy ingredients.  These poppers taste like they are evil & no good for you….but  they are low in WW points; calories, fat and carbs.  These are more of a “mild” popper, if you prefer them spicy add the seeds from the jalapenos into the chicken mixture.

These are perfect for when you are entertaining or watching a game.  These were a great kickoff appetizer while watching the Superbowl!   Enjoy them with guacamole dip, salsa or taco dip.









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Sausage, Pepperoni and Pineapple Mini Whole Wheat Deep Dish Pizza

Makes 8 servings. Nutrition for 1 mini pizza: Weight Watchers Points + 5 ~ Calories 189 ~ Carbs 27 g ~ Fiber 5 g ~ Fat 6 g ~ Protein 11 g

A perfect Kickoff appetizer for when you are watching the game tomorrow……. No need to order pizza when you can have a savory & meaty “figure friendly” deep dish all to yourself.  These rustic mini deep dish pizzas will look great on your Kickoff table while watching the Superbowl!!   **if you would like to lower the points on this dish; just saute some of your favorite veggies and replace it for the sausage & pepperoni!!   Enjoy!!

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